"Wu Ji” translates as “limitless, boundless”. Wu Ji Chi was translated to me as “no obstruction to the flow of the chi”. Chi is the Chinese term for the body’s subtle energies. There are several different forms of exercises to assist with keeping the body’s subtle energy system flowing correctly, which is thought to be essential to good health. Ones most familiar to many are tai chi and qigong/chi gong. Wu Ji Chi is an advanced form exercise where the body spontaneously moves in an attempt to break up any blockages in the system. In the above picture I am demonstrating an opening that often presents itself when one lets go and begins Wu Ji Chi. Wu Ji Chi is a physically expanding practice involving letting go so the body can move as it needs to heal itself. It has been my personal practice for over 20 years.


Expansion, the process or state of increasing or opening something, is the name I gave to my private practice when I returned to work in the USA. The name Expansion denotes the goal of the work I was undertaking, to help people to expand themselves mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. After all, aren’t we often trying to expand our self in some way with the hope that somehow it might increase our happiness? It is my belief that expanding oneself in any form can help very much in increasing one’s happiness.

I started EXPANSION in 1997. After some time I expanded it into a self development center, which served to make even more clear the mission I was trying to undertake. See I believe that self development, self knowledge, self understanding is a key to happiness. At EXPANSION I offered individual, group, couples and family therapy along with conventional classes (eg: assertiveness training) and innovative type classes (eg: qigong/chi gong, wu ji chi, the art of letting go, tuning into your intuition). One of the main goals was to assist people in realizing they were not alone in the issues they were dealing with in their human experience. My private practice as EXPANSION - A Self Development Center ran for 7 years. In 2004 I closed my private practice in Indiana and once again took up a more intensive quest of self discovery/self expansion.


My renewed practice is now developing into writing books and presenting workshops in an attempt to be able to reach and help more people. The plan is to convey what I have come to understand about our human condition and how one might have a more stable happiness in their life. These understandings are put forth in my first book What the Hell is Going On? The Question, Our Secrets, Some Answers. A renewed and revamped EXPANSION will serve as the base for presenting workshops and lectures to convey the understandings in the book. With the publishing of my current book I hope to soon begin touring and presenting workshops. Keep an eye out for my pending schedule and for updates and information on my presentations and second book, Staying Open In a Closed World. 

Currently contributor to THE POLITICS OF LIVING radio show on KBOO Community Radio, 90.7 fm- Segment title "LET'S STOP FOR A MINUTE". Show airs the first Wednesday of each month at 9 am. https://www.kboo.fm/program/politics-living